The Beginning of All

This... is the Ogre King...

The dust final settled in the cavern and the elemental adventurers looked around at each other with eyes of solid content at a good fight, as they scoured the the crypt the found the proper entrance to the dungeon and collapsed it, after they lowered a rope from the collapsed ceiling… thus trapping any of the goblins within… they set up camp and rested for the night. The next day when they delved into the burrow they fought a few starved dogs and met a young fire elemental girl who in turn for her rescue gave aid in their endeavor.. they eventually
came to the final burrow of the Ogre King and were ready to stop the raising of a mighty ogre lord… but it was only a foolish goblin who had no idea how to raise anything.. he was actually doing the Hokey Pokey over the decayed corpse of the Ogre King. Through clever magic and persuasion they took the Skull totem back to town and began their trek on the next adventure.

The Company of Five
Who else will follow these men??...
There were five, and each of them had their own skills, a brute of Fire, a man of Water, a Wielder of air, a Master of Three, and a man whose ears were toned to listen and watch the Earth. They all gathered from several elemental temples to meet for one purpose, to discuss the silence of the Dwarf’s that had been going on for the past month, and what they were going to do (if anything) about it. Each of them, the strongest disciples of their temple, in some ways different than raw power. All save for the man who listens to earth, he was a mere guide, till he pulled out an heirloom of his, an old artifact, a scroll given to him by the Earth movers that taught him his trade. This piqued some interest that was settled down once the scroll was unraveled and revealed that it was in a language unknown. As this band of men began to talk… little did they know… a tale had begun. A blast in a wall closest to them ruptured and goblins spilled out into the streets, they ….. were looking for something… They fight enveloped as they sprang at the enemy with full force and took them down with frightening power. On the ground one last goblin remained. He spoke of the Ogre King and how the heroes were too late, no matter if they stopped them from retrieving IT the Ogre King would still be raised. his head then sank to the ground in a slow gurgling death. In the midst of the fight there was… something… a piece of horn passed around by the goblins the had been stolen by one of the goblins from a shop in the fray. As they investigated they found it was a cheap totem that belonged to the goblins and was stolen from their catacomb, and for whatever reason, it was going to help them raise the Ogre king. They also gathered a fifth man into the party who curiosity had driven him to also investigate into this story more….that and the reward offered by the town mayor. with the advice of the mayor and another traveler. They soon followed the tracks of the goblins back to their layer with the help of the man who listens and watches the Earth. When they arrived at the Stonehenge surrounded courtyard and began to search the area, a trap sprang and they were soon surrounded by many goblins with spears ans axes who attacked with vengeance in their eyes, and as the dust cleared they stared up a small steep incline that led deeper into the catacomb.
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