The Beginning of All

This... is the Ogre King...

The dust final settled in the cavern and the elemental adventurers looked around at each other with eyes of solid content at a good fight, as they scoured the the crypt the found the proper entrance to the dungeon and collapsed it, after they lowered a rope from the collapsed ceiling… thus trapping any of the goblins within… they set up camp and rested for the night. The next day when they delved into the burrow they fought a few starved dogs and met a young fire elemental girl who in turn for her rescue gave aid in their endeavor.. they eventually
came to the final burrow of the Ogre King and were ready to stop the raising of a mighty ogre lord… but it was only a foolish goblin who had no idea how to raise anything.. he was actually doing the Hokey Pokey over the decayed corpse of the Ogre King. Through clever magic and persuasion they took the Skull totem back to town and began their trek on the next adventure.



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